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How Redhead Marketing Manages Your Social Media Marketing  

We Create a Branded Social Profile Across All Channels you Participate in… and then some. 
With all the social media channels available we make it easy to get you started. You choose which channels you want to have a presence on and we brand them. We engage, monitor and grow your online reputation. 

Website Design

Need a new Website? or Blog? You’ve come to the right place.

Redhead Marketing, Inc specializes in creating websites using the latest technology through WordPress.Org.  Wordpress is an ideal framework chosen by many top internet marketers, authors, consultants and professionals today. Wordpress is easy  to use, manage and leverage to build a solid online presence.

Consulting & Training

In today’s digital environment, things change rapidly…

…and we work diligently to  keep up to date on the latest changes and trends.  We work side by side with clients to determine your needs, your goals and the vision you have for your business and improve your social media results. Whether you need a new website, need to add a fresh new look to your current website, optimize your content, establish social media channels, expand your social media reach, we can help.

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Redhead Marketing, Inc has provided traditional and internet marketing solutions for solopreneurs and small to mid-sized companies since 2005. Our digital marketing and PR services are for the person who wants to expand their online presence, expand their influence, expand their network and their net worth.

My team and I bring a unique combination of experience, technical expertise and traditional marketing skills as well as creative new marketing approaches to maximize your online and social media presence. Over the years social media and internet marketing companies have come and gone. We’ve Stayed!  We’ve helped small businesses build their own strategies and get found online for more than 11 years (that’s 77 in dog years!) and plan to be here for many years to come. We are involved in our communities and invested in our clients’ success.

My team and I include graphic designers, programmers, writers and editors. Individuals who know how important it is to do a job right… the first time. We are not a here-today- can’t-find-tomorrow company. Our clients depend on us to be here when they need us, to help them understand what they do need, and counsel them on ways to save valuable time and money by not investing in things that they do not need.

My main focus is to help women over 50 confidently maneuver social media and internet marketing to get promoted, get found and get more clients!

My story:

"Heidi Richards Mooney, President Redhead Marketing, Inc."It all started in 1997 just a year or so after I hired my first web designer to create a simple four-page website for my Retail Flower Shop.  Not to bore you with the details let’s just say over the next 7 or so years I went thru a half dozen web designers, several thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration.  If you have ever planned a website, you likely feel my pain.  And I yours. After several experiences including losing my first website completely and lack of communication with those subsequent web designers, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have more control over the fate of my business’ online presence.

About that same time (2005) Heidi Caswell (a friend I met online) was showing people how to blog. So I followed her religiously. Learned all I could. Implemented her strategies. And then something magical happened. I discovered I was good at it – and loved it! The digital world had me hooked. It was only natural that social media also caught my eye (and heart) and again, I learned everything I could with the available resources to make sure my company had a solid online presence. Friends (and family) noticed and started asking for my help. And the rest, as they say is Her-story.


Heidi Richards Mooney is the President and CEO of Redhead Marketing. She is an author, coach, small business owner, internet marketing, and social media expert who specializes in helping clients get their Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Podcasts on. She helps clients GROW their business using targeted social media on the channels their clients spend time.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 550856
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856

Telephone 1-954.625.6606 or 1-877-WISDOM7 (947-3667)

heidi (at) redheadmarketinginc (dot)com


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