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4 Plus Indirect Ways to Boost Opt-ins and Sales

4 Plus Indirect Ways to Boost Opt-ins and Sales

By on Dec 8, 2020 in Blog, Blog Promotion, content, Digital Content, Writing and Editing


While you don’t need to bombard your blog with new content daily, the truth is, the more valuable content you post to your blog on a regular basis, the better. You’ll get more traffic, improve your authority quotient, and building trust with your audience. After all, if you publish on a weekly schedule for five years or more people realize you’re here to stay. If you’re too sporadic in publishing people lose trust in you.

Create a Content Calendar and Schedule

The best way to ensure that you are publishing enough content across all platforms including your blog that will bring traffic and sales is to create a content planning schedule and a content calendar. Your content calendar will be based on the products you want to promote focusing on the problems they solve for your audience. Then you can throw in trending topics to give your content a more current feel.

For example, if you have identified an app that you know your audience will find value in starting with educating your audience about the problem before you provide the solution. By the time you’re done talking about the problem when you introduce the solution, they’ll be ready to purchase.

Always Include a Call to Action

Every post that you publish should have a reason for being, as mentioned before. When you are brainstorming the types of posts you want to include on your blog think about your goals. A goal, to be effective, needs to be able to be converted to a call to action.

Sell Stuff

Don’t be afraid to sell something on every single post that you publish within the text, in an advertisement in between paragraphs, through sidebar links, pop-ups, or slides, and via content upgrades to help convert people to your email list. If your audience can easily consume the free content you’re providing, giving them more ways to buy will improve sales. Don’t be fearful of doing this. Yes, some people may get mad and go away. But they aren’t your target audience anyway.

Create Clear CTAs

When developing your CTAs, it’s important to use clear language that provokes enthusiasm, provides a reason (solves pain points) for your audience to act, limits the time they can act, and shows proof that the solution works for other people just like them.  Additionally, the CTA button when one is used should be very prominent and use words that demand action rather than “buy now” say something like: “Yes! I want my Freedom Now!”

  • Optimize Your SEO — There are two types of SEO. On-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both types of SEO are important.
  • On-Page SEO – On-page, SEO should mean that you use keyworded titles, headers, subheadings, smart internal linking, and content that speaks directly to your audience. It’s anything that you do from graphic design, the layout of your website and blog, and the words you use on the page that encompasses on-page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO — Off-page, SEO means that anything you do to get traffic back to your website using platforms that aren’t your website, such as social media platforms, should also be optimized. Promote every single last post you publish using other platforms such as social media like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook creating those all-important links back to your content from other platforms.

To improve the SEO on your blog you can use a plugin like Yoast SEO if you use self-hosted WordPress. Yoast will give you tips and lead you through to ensure the SEO on your site is working. If you don’t use WordPress you can still improve SEO by working on page titles, meta tags, search phrases, creating sitemaps, and more.


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