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Ask Me Anything Part Four

By on Aug 15, 2016 in Blog

I’m currently hosting with a friend. Who are some other webhosts that are reasonable and will work with me to build my site? That’s a great question! First of all its okay to host with a friend if that friend is a business.  I have seen many people start this business part time and either get bored or realize there is more customer service than they...

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Buying and Selling Domain Names

By on May 22, 2013 in Blog, Domains for sale

… is an art. Make Money Buying And Selling Domain Names The Internet domain market has become more and more lucrative in the past few years. Although long gone are the days of buying and selling domains for ridiculous prices, there is still money to be made for savvy internet marketers and domain name resellers who want to create a business around domain...

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Who REALLY OWNS Your Website?

By on May 17, 2013 in Blog, Website Design, Wordpress

When it comes to hiring a person or company to create a website, the customer often assumes that when they hire someone to do the work for them, the customer owns the website. That is simply not the case. Why? Because websites generally consist of creative material and software. According to U.S. copyright law, the creator of a work automatically holds the exclusive...

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