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What some of our Clients and Audience Members say:

The business world has always been competitive but on the internet is brutal; even a beautiful website, interactive and easy to navigate needs help to become well visited with high conversion ratios. We count on Redhead Marketing to provide BigChef with excellent support in the areas of internet marketing and PR, including but not limited to: website revision, optimization and submission, search engine analysis, content, press releases writing and submission, videos and social media.

Our success in business has  always come from playing to our strengths and likes, and hiring the best people for those things we know are either not our strengths, or likes  or for which we have less time.Heidi Richards filled that gap for us as she masterfully supported our social media and blogging campaigns. Heidi applied her knowledge, her business acumen and her chuzpah to effect goal attainment for our 18 year old  wedding company, A Beautiful Florida Wedding.
Heidi and I  initially met on a conference call for our National Women’s Organization as she trained Presidents of the Chapters on e commerce well before anyone was speaking that language.She delivered exactly what we had hoped  then as she did now. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with her going forward .
Cynthia V. Mitchell, M.Ed. Owner, A Beautiful Florida Wedding Naples, Florida

Heidi Richards Mooney is an inspired marketing expert and a pleasure to work with. RedHeadMarketing is creative and reliable, always over delivering and their fabulous work has been a major factor in our website’s success, impacting our site ranking, helping BigChefonline.com to become of great visibility.
Rosana Santos Calambichis – Big Chef

Heidi, you were simply wonderful and I am so grateful for you jumping on board at the last minute to assist in this project. Words cannot justify how much that meant to me and the volunteers knowing you were there.Nicole A. Bernard, Community Volunteer Coordinator – Memorial Healthcare System

“Your presentation at the FTD convention was great. I’ve been in this business for 20 years and was asked to manage my partners Florist and Gift Shop which is in the same building as my travel agency – just 3 months ago. The shop had little organization – no written policy, procedures, job descriptions or anything. Marketing efforts “sucked;” gift inventory from 4 years ago; and a turnover rate of about 1.5. It’s a challenge, but I’m excited. Please, please, please – will you consider selling me a copy of your procedure manual? You will save me eons of time I need to be spending on marketing and inventory reduction. Thank you for anything you can help me with – and for the help and motivation you already gave me.Dee Dee Mares, CTC, President, Uniglobe Valley Travel

“Dear Heidi, I must tell you that I have thought about our interview quite a bit over the past 24 hours. In many ways and, I might add, it was the first time I have ever expressed myself with such openness and passion.. As I pondered what I said and took a few serious deep breaths. I realized that my spirit must have felt very much at ease with yours. Thank you for your incredible interviewing skills. I look forward to reading the article in Balance Magazine.” Karen Morrissey, Founder and CEO, Shoes for the Soul

“I just wanted to thank you and the staff of Balance Magazine – for the the fabulous profile of Peggy Nordeen. Peggy and Dan are delighted by the way she is portrayed in the article. I know how much was said in the interview with Peggy, yet you managed to distill that and still say so much in the space allotted. That’s great editing.Fran Schwartz, Associate Director, Public Relations – Starmark International

“If compliments were money, you would be a billionaire! Your presentation on Marketing in the Construction Industry was wonderful; our ladies are so appreciative of your spending time with us and sharing important information about success. You have my deepest appreciation and respect.” Alyce Zahniser, President- Association of Women in Construction

“Dear Heidi, On behalf of CPL Events and the CIMPA Chapter Portugal, I would like to thank you for taking part in the pre-conference seminars prior to the 12th ITMIC, which took place on the Estoril Coast from 3 to 5 of November. Your presentation was outstanding and truly educational and everyone left with the sensation that it was over all too soon. It is not very often that we have the opportunity to sit and listen to a truly inspiring human being. Thank you once again for contributing to the enormous success of our event and we can truly say that we will all be your champions from now on.

“Once again, I look forward to having the opportunity and pleasure of working with you again in the very near future. Best wishes on behalf of the team and myself.” Linda Pereira, President of the CIMPA Portugal Chapter & Executive Director of CPL Events

“Your Great Marketing Ideas program presented in Lisbon Portugal was excellent! I will immediately implement the suggestions you had about how to work with the media. I too agree that it is extremely important to let the public know what we are doing in the community.” Helena Alves, Accor Hotels – Lisbon, Portugal

“Hello Heidi, I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the MPI meeting the other day.  You provided such valuable information and the audience reaction was so positive.  Great job! I do believe that there is a terrific opportunity for you to conduct a Seminar at Sea.  We’d love to have the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Thanks again for a great presentation.” Joan Levicoff Sanchez, CTC, Vice President, Large Group Sales and Operations Carnival Cruise Lines

“It was extremely good to meet you, Heidi. Not only are you a gracious person, you are an excellent speaker with a wealth of ideas business people can use immediately. I will put to use the ideas you suggested to us about creating long-term relationships with our clients.” Marta Sousa, Hotels Alexandre Almeida – Lisbon, Portugal

“Heidi, Heidi, Heidi! How can I thank you for providing me with the inspiration and information I needed to develop National Infertility Survival Day! The holiday launches this year – Sunday, May 2, 2004, and will continue annually the first Sunday in May – the day BEFORE Mother’s Day. This is an invaluable resource for infertile women and their mates at what is often a very difficult time of year for them. And you are invaluable as a model for knowing how to change things for the better. Many thanks!” Beverly Barna, Author, Infertility Sucks! Founder, National Infertility Survival Day

“I have been networking and marketing most of my life. At the age of 60 there isn’t much I haven’t already heard. The exception is Heidi Richards. I heard her speak at a luncheon I attended and was extremely impressed by her insights into the world of marketing.” Ken Gordon, Circulation Sales, The South Florida Business Journal

“Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for being such a good listener and advisor. I really appreciate very much the time you spent with me. It was a pleasure to sit down with you and receive such inspirational suggestions. I hope to be able to do the same for others too!” Cordially, Adriana Schaked, Marketing Consultant

“Heidi, Thank you for speaking at the Elder Care Resources Network and forwarding me the notes from your program to me. I really enjoyed and was fascinated by the stats you provided about social networking. I am going to get myself blogging in relation to my adoption story as I had mentioned to you at the meeting. I went to see Julie/Julia the other day and saw just how powerful this technique is.” Kim Neale, Hospice by the Sea ~ Volunteers Manager

Dear Heidi, I was in the audience at ESRN and really enjoyed your talk- I am the marketing director at The Horizon Club an Independent and assisted living community. We have Lunch and Learn lectures about twice a month and I thought it would be nice to set one up with a topic similar to your discussion. I am amazed how many seniors are Internet savvy! Look forward to hearing from you.” Brian Bedigian, Director of Community Relations ~ The Horizon Club www.sunriseseniorliving.com

“Dear Heidi, YOU WERE AWESOME at the SFMPI meeting!  After your presentation, I heard people discussing having you at an FBTA meeting as well. Good job!  And thanks for all the great resources you shared as well as a copy of your notes you sent to each of us after the event. Much appreciated!” Enthusiastically yours, Lynn D. Morris, Past President, South Florida Meeting Professionals, International