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Want to Earn $100 In 30 Minutes a Day, Everyday?

Want to Earn $100 In 30 Minutes a Day, Everyday?

By on Jun 16, 2014 in Blog

Here’s How:

This will take you about a week to set up, maybe a little more. You need your own domain, an autoresponder and of course a hosting account. And don’t forget your Paypal account so that you can accept payments.

Here’s what you’ll be doing: Building a mailing list and then sending out paid solo ads to the list.

Here’s how it works: First, you quickly build a mailing list with paid advertising. Figure you’ll be investing $300 to $500 for your advertising. Does this sound like a lot? Remember, your goal here is to make $3,000 a MONTH, starting in just a week or two. That initial investment should be more than enough to build your initial list of 1000 subscribers in just a few days.

That said, you can recoup your advertising investment almost immediately by placing a paid offer into your sales funnel. In other words, you’re going to be purchasing advertising to send to a squeeze page. After they join your list, you can then send them to an affiliate offer. If you choose something that pays immediate commissions such as JVZoo or WSO’s, you can make some or all of your money back almost immediately. Choose the right offer and you might even turn a profit on your list building.


Then take the money you earn on your backend offer and invest it back into advertising to grow your list even bigger.


So where does the $100 a day come from? Simple: You’re going to be selling Solo Ads. Once your list reaches 1000 members, you begin selling Solo Ads at the rate of one per day. You charge for each ad that you send out. Now think about this – you quickly build a list, you sell solo ads, and you make $100 a shot for sending out an email for someone. Not bad. Grow your list bigger, charge more for the ads. Create several lists and you can make several hundred dollars a day. Do you see the potential in this? You could actually build this into a full time income if you choose.


What is a solo ad? It’s a powerful, fairly reliable, cheap source of traffic generation – basically it’s an ad paid for by an advertiser that you send out to your list. The ezine you send to the list is the ad – there is nothing else to distract the reader from the advertisement. The sole purpose of the solo ad is to drive traffic to a page for your advertiser. The more clicks you can get for your customer, the more you can charge to send out that solo ad. Thus the bigger and / or more responsive your list is, the better.


And it’s not only a good deal for you as the list owner – it’s also a good deal for the advertiser for two reasons: One, your list will be highly targeted and thus responsive to their ad. Two, sending solo ads is cheaper per click than almost any other form of advertising.


Solo ads are quite possibly the fastest way possible for someone without a list to build a list. It’s entirely possible to grow a list from nothing to 1000 subscribers within days.


Where do you purchase solo ads to build your list? You’ll find them offered on the Warrior Forum, as well as numerous websites and safe swaps. Simply Google solo ads or solo ad directories.

Solo ads are sold by the click, not by the number of people who receive your email. This guarantees you get the traffic you’ve paid for. For example, if you purchase 500 clicks then 500 or more unique visitors will come to your squeeze page. Many solo ad sellers send you more clicks than you pay for, so that you will leave them a good review and also to get you to come back and buy more clicks.

Before you get carried away purchasing your solo ads, test out your squeeze page and sales funnel to make sure it’s converting well. 40% on the squeeze page is good, and enough sales on the back end to cover your expenses is great. You can test this by purchasing a very small solo ad, such as 100 clicks.

Once you build your list to 1000, consider doing solo ad swaps. This is just like buying solo ads, except instead of paying money to have your ad sent to an email list, you send an add to your list in exchange for your ad being sent to their list.

Be sure to warm your list before sending out ads. You’ll want to give them great information to get them in the habit of opening your emails and clicking your links. And you’ll want to continue to keep your list ‘warm’ by sending out great info in addition to the ads.

To get solo ad customers, get yourself listed inside solo ad directories and advertise on the Warrior Forum. Sell your first solo ads for cheap – this way you can get some great testimonials before you begin asking full price.

How much should you charge? Generally 30 to 40 cents per click. I’ve seen clicks as high as 70cents, but that’s not a competitive price. Start at 30 to 40 cents, and if you want to go up to 50 cents after you get some great testimonials you can certainly do that.

If you have a list of 1000 and your list typically clicks at 20%, that’s 200 clicks. If you’re charging 35 cents a click, that’s $70. To make more, simply build your list bigger.

Be particular about who you take as a client. Specifically, what is their offer to your list? You only want to send your list high quality offers or you’ll annoy them into unsubscribing. When someone wants to send a solo ad to your list, ask them to send you the URL of their squeeze page and their back end page if they have one, along with the freebie they will be giving away to build their list. If the quality is lacking, politely turn them down. Your list is too valuable and the demand for solo ads is too high to take shoddy offers.

Note: Always reinvest some of your earnings back into continually building your list, or do ad swaps with other list owners. You will have people drop off your list and some will become inactive – thus you always need to be replacing those with fresh names. Also, the bigger your list, the more you can send out ads. As one example, a bigger list means you can sell bigger click packages. Also, you can send out two different ads in the same day by sending one ad to one segment of your list, and a second ad to a second segment.

Monitor the clicks you’re getting when you send an ad out. For example, if you promised 100 clicks, you might send the ad out to just 400 people on your list. If this only garners 80 clicks, go back and send the ad out to another 100 to 150 people to get the click count up to 100.

Do not use rotators. Some solo ad sellers are slick – the moment the ad count reaches the number sold, they redirect the link in the ad to the next offer they’re promoting. Doing this as a solo ad seller is bad for two reasons: 1. Your customer only gets the exact number of clicks purchased. If you’re going to stand apart from other solo ad sellers, you MUST send more clicks than your customers pay for. 2. People on your list will get an ad for a free ebook on building traffic, for example, and land on a squeeze page offering free software for making ebook covers. Result? Your list members get confused and DON’T opt in to the offer. Worse yet, they may unsubscribe for YOUR list. Don’t do it!!!

If you can get into the Skype Chat Rooms for solo ads, do it. This is a great place to both buy and sell solo ads. These can sometimes be difficult to get into without an invitation, but here’s a backdoor method: Find a solo ad directory and get yourself listed. You might need to offer the solo ad directory owner a mailing on your list to do this but it’s worth it. Once you are listed and start building a good reputation, ask the solo ad directory owner if s/he can get you an invitation to a solo ad Skype chat room. Quite often they will be very happy to do it.

When selling your solo ads, place emphasis on the results you are getting for your customers, rather than just the cost per click. Do not compete just on price – the cheapest solo ad sellers often have burnt out lists. Let your 

customers know that your list is fresh and new, and hasn’t been hit with a ton of solo ads.


Try to get testimonials from every client. The more testimonials, the better. How do you get them? By following up with each client right after you send out their ad. Make sure they are happy with the results. If they’re not, do another small solo ad for free because you want EVERY client to be glad they did business with you. Once they are happy, ask them to give a testimonial on your Warrior Forum thread, on Safe Swaps, or where ever you are advertising. If you have your own website, then ask them to send you the testimonial and make sure you post it right away with the date. Adding the date will make your solo ad listing very timely and result in more sales.


Use tracking to know how well your list is converting and to be able to show this to your customer, in case they don’t know how to track. You will occasionally get a customer who does not know how to track and is using a low converting squeeze page. This is the person who will claim you scammed him or her. But if you use tracking, you can show them how many clicks you sent them.


The order process is fairly straight forward. Ask to see the customers ad, squeeze page and freebie. If you approve, let them know approximately when you can run the ad and send them a Paypal invoice. Make it clear that you will only hold the date for them once the solo ad is paid for, not before. Sometimes you will want to write or rewrite the ad yourself. Keep the ads fairly short – 200-300 words is fine – and include the link 2 or 3 times so it’s not missed. 



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