Online Visibility: Taking Social Media to the NEXT LEVEL

… in Business or How to Leverage The Social Landscape to Grow Your Business

You’ve got a Web site,
maybe even a blog, and you’ve joined all these social networking sites. Now what? Think you’re done with Web 2.0? Think again. Social networking sites were designed to connect friends and colleagues into a network of connections that you can leverage to reach your goals. The sites can help you find referrals, get ideas, get advice and more—often at little or no cost. The goal is to know where, how and when to participate in social networking.

People of all ages and walks of life, (many of your ideal clients) are already using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter on a regular basis. That means having a presence on these sites is a valuable business asset today. The real challenge is that most of us don’t know how to effectively use these sites to reach our ideal clients/prospects. Imagine knowing how to leverage this social landscape to grow your business without spending a fortune.

In this session you will learn how to: Find, participate and leverage these sites and other Web 2.0 strategies to promote your business. Leverage your time more effectively by finding and targeting key contacts Create win-win strategies to expand your network exponentially Learn to find connections who have a “shared vision” so you don’t have to constantly sell or promote Have fun while exploring ways to transform your network-building experiences