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Redhead Marketing, Inc has provided traditional and internet marketing solutions for solopreneurs and small to mid-sized companies since 2005. Our digital marketing and PR services are for the person who wants to expand their online presence, expand their influence, expand their network and their net worth.

My team and I bring a unique combination of experience, technical expertise and traditional marketing skills as well as creative new marketing approaches to maximize your online and social media presence. Over the years social media and internet marketing companies have come and gone. We’ve Stayed!  We’ve helped small businesses build their own strategies and get found online for more than 11 years (that’s 77 in dog years!) and plan to be here for many years to come. We are involved in our communities and invested in our clients’ success.

My team and I include graphic designers, programmers, writers and editors. Individuals who know how important it is to do a job right… the first time. We are not a here-today- can’t-find-tomorrow company. Our clients depend on us to be here when they need us, to help them understand what they do need, and counsel them on ways to save valuable time and money by not investing in things that they do not need.

My main focus is to help women over 50 confidently maneuver social media and internet marketing to get promoted, get found and get more clients!

My story:

"Heidi Richards Mooney, President Redhead Marketing, Inc."It all started in 1997 just a year or so after I hired my first web designer to create a simple four-page website for my Retail Flower Shop.  Not to bore you with the details let’s just say over the next 7 or so years I went thru a half dozen web designers, several thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration.  If you have ever planned a website, you likely feel my pain.  And I yours. After several experiences including losing my first website completely and lack of communication with those subsequent web designers, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have more control over the fate of my business’ online presence.

About that same time (2005) Heidi Caswell (a friend I met online) was showing people how to blog. So I followed her religiously. Learned all I could. Implemented her strategies. And then something magical happened. I discovered I was good at it – and loved it! The digital world had me hooked. It was only natural that social media also caught my eye (and heart) and again, I learned everything I could with the available resources to make sure my company had a solid online presence. Friends (and family) noticed and started asking for my help. And the rest, as they say is Her-story.


Heidi Richards Mooney is the President and CEO of Redhead Marketing. She is an author, coach, small business owner, internet marketing, and social media expert who specializes in helping clients get their Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Podcasts on. She helps clients GROW their business using targeted social media on the channels their clients spend time.

As a redhead, Heidi has experienced and understands the importance of standing out. Using the example of the redhead population (redheads currently make up a little over 2% of the world population) she shows clients how to be remembered and most importantly thought of (top of mind) when prospects need their products and services. Heidi and her team employ a variety of organic search strategies to help her clients get VISIBLE online so they too can stand out in their industries and more importantly in the minds and hearts of their target audience.

Heidi has started more than a dozen mastermind groups in a  variety of disciplines – ideal formats for coaching, training and offering advice and guidance to get clients from point A to Point Z… As a coach, her goal is to bring out the best in people, develop their skills, increase their productivity and help them reach their goals in business.  Her clients realize the effectiveness in hiring a coach for long-term success. And according to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) “Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment.” An added benefit: “With a coach on their team, Solopreneurs no longer feel alone in their quest for success.”

Heidi is also Founder & CEO of Women in Ecommerce™ ~ an organization that empowers women with the tools, resources and skills to create a thriving online business. She has written several books, ebooks and countless special reports, articles and online content for her following and for the clients she represents. Women in Ecommerce has been recognized by many digital marketing experts as a Top Blog for Women in Business.

Heidi has been doing business online since 1997, has been studying social media several years before Facebook came on the scene and has interviewed thousands of experts on the subjects of social media and internet marketing including bloggers, email experts, forum leaders and Internet celebrities in the top ten Social Networking Sites. In 2005 Heidi was named one of 50 women shaping the Internet by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 Heidi was listed by Only2Clicks.com as a Twitter Woman to Follow. That same year her story appeared in the Book Twitter Success Stories featuring Internet Marketing guru Willie Crawford and 16 other social networking experts and HER Mastermind Group ~ one of the top 20 networks on RYZE in the US ~ named Heidi Social Networker of the Year. And she has a day named after her ~ Heidi Richards Day is June 26th.  Heidi’s passion is social media marketing and she helps her clients develop their internet strategies, get their “blog on” and show them how to leverage social networking to grow their business.

In addition to the dozens of websites she has created and/or redesigned for clients in the past several years, Heidi’s latest projects include: Cashing in on Info Products to Grow Your Business and Quirky Marketing: 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non Traditional Holidays.

Among her other accolades, Heidi has been recognized for her work in Internet Marketing and Social media with the following awards:  In 2010 she received the Social Media Leader of the Year from the American Business Women’s Association and in 2011 Media Leader of the Year Award from the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. In March 2012 Heidi received the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Visionary Leadership Award AND the Badass Business Woman Award for Leadership (on the same day!). In 2013, Redhead Marketing was recognized with the Best of Fort Lauderdale Award for Internet Marketing and in 2015 Cision named Heidi a Digital Media Leader to Follow.

She has a combined social media following of over 90,000 and coaches and consults with clients on how they too, can grow their following and expand their reach thru social media.

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in 2010 Heidi participated in a special program with the Florida Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to create a blueprint for the year 2030 = projecting the future was fun, a little intimidating, and extremely enlightening.

You can download the blueprint here:


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“People pay me first, for what I know and second, what I can do for them.”