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Pro Site Secure

"Pro Site Secure Complete Cloud-Based Site Security for your WordPress Website"
Do you own a WordPress website that collects subscriber information, has affiliate links or is monetized in ANY way? Then you NEED to ensure your leads, commissions and profits are protected.  You need ProSiteSecure!


ProSiteSecure is a service that speeds up and secures websites by acting as a “guard” between servers and the entire internet. On average, sites protected with ProSiteSecure:

  • Load 200% faster.
  • Use 60% less bandwidth.
  • Are way more secure than unprotected sites.

, includes installation of an SSL certificate for your website.


  • Get an OVERNIGHT boost in conversions and free targeted organic traffic.
  • Secure your present AND future profits by protecting your most valuable online assets.

In  January 2017, Google Chrome started adding warning labels for any websites asking for passwords and/or credit card information which haven’t yet added SSL protection.

In case you’re not familiar with SSL, it’s a type of encryption which prevents any communications between the visitor and the site from being read or forged by a 3rd party.

So, in other words, visitors on SSL secured sites are protected from hackers trying to their steal passwords or credit card data.

This is why you MUST add SSL certificates to any of your websites not currently secured with them.

Once your server is secured against potential attacks, everything gets better:

  • No bad traffic can suck up your bandwidth and cost you hundreds in hosting overage charges

  • Your sites load MUCH faster for legitimate traffic – interested visitors see your offers and can act on them quicker than ever

  • Your content AND the private information of your subscribers remains protected and secure

  • Faster sites translate to lower bounce rates, improved SEO and higher conversions

  • Your sites will load faster, increasing conversions

  • Your bounce rates will decrease, meaning higher SEO scores

So you get more QUALITY traffic combined with higher conversion rates. Without paying any extra for traffic OR spending big bucks for ongoing security services.

Not Sure If ProSiteSecure Is For You? Ask Yourself ANY Of These Questions:


  • Has site speed ever been a concern for you? Consider that for every 1 second delay in load time, conversions decrease up to 7% … With ProSiteSecure, your site speed is maximized to optimize conversions
  • Do you want free, targeted traffic? Nothing better than organic search for quality traffic – with faster sites and lower bounce rates, your sites will rank higher in the engines for MORE traffic without paying for it

  • Concerned about securing your subscriber information? With ransomware growing, it’s more important than ever to protect the identity of your subscribers so they’re not blasted with fraudulent offers or hacked with ransomware, leaving you open to fines, suits and complete loss of online reputation

If your site is built using WordPress, give us a call. We can do a quick analysis to see what is lacking, where your site is leaking valuable information and how we can help you fix those security holes so your website can perform better.


Redhead Marketing is a licensed ProSiteSecure Service Representative. ProSiteSecure includes the plugins and installation so you don’t do anything. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

"ProSiteSecure SSL and SEO Service"

When you purchase ProSiteSecure, my team and I:

Add all the plugins you need to make your site work at optimum efficiency, install your SSL certificate, test to make sure everything is working exactly the way it should AND perform a complete update of all current plugins inside your WordPress dashboard.

All this for only $99!

Save hours of frustration! Sign up today….

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