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Adding Blog Content with Private Label Rights Articles

Adding Blog Content with Private Label Rights Articles

By on Aug 28, 2011 in Blog, Workshops

Yesterday one of myGet Your Blog On students emailed me to ask me about Private Label Rights” content (PLR).  I had mentioned it as one way to add content to your website.

Since it is on his mind, I thought I’d share it here for my readers, as it is a valid topic worth researching as a  way to come up with ideas – especially for the non-writer.

With PLR articles you can use them on your blog, add your name to them and call them your own because you have basically purchased the rights to them through a PLR agreement with the article seller.

Here are two I recommend you check out:

Big Affiliate Program – it costs $27 a month and you can search for the articles based upon your specific  search criteria and terms. I would sign up for only a month to see if will serve your needs and if it is suitable for your audience. You can always download several articles at once and then discontinue your subscription.

Another one I recommend is PLR Private label Rights.  You buy a “pack” of articles at a time anywhere from $1.95 to around $20 depending on the topic and number of articles in the Pack. They also sell ebooks which you can add your name to and use as your own on your site. You may find one that would be suitable to use as a give-away to help build your list.

There are a couple of others but they do not have any marketing articles or promotions etc so I did not mention them. If you have a topic you would like to write about that does not fall within those parameters, let me know and I will see which others you might be interested in.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when you do use any of these private label rights articles:

Always change the title. I recommend if you are using articles about marketing and promotions, you try to incorporate one or both of those words into your title. If you are writing about a specific strategy such as networking, you might say something like Find the Right Promotional Products for Your Next Networking Event…  Changing the title let’s Google know it is not the same content that everyone else is using. And it shouldn’t be!

Check Grammar. Many of these articles are not written by American English speaking people so the grammar is subpar. You may find yourself re-writing entire articles or at the very least, several paragraphs. The main reason I would recommend using Private Label Rights Articles is that they stimulate your thinking and give you ideas about what to wrtite about.

Rearrange the content. I will often rewrite an article and then reorganize the paragraphs to make more sense.

Add your own thoughts and ideas. When you find an article you can use, be sure and include a few sentences or a paragraph you have written. This will make the article that much more unique and you then “own it” as the author.

Delete Irrelevant and Redundant Content. There are times when a phrase is used several times or a sentence is said in several ways but it means basically the same thing. Your readers will expect your content to be valuable. The reason the articles are written this way is for search engines and not the audience. Try to find a balance between both. For instance, you can say something similar up to 3 times without being offensive but any more than that and readers will quickly catch on.

Add some bullet points where appropriate. If you can rewrite some of the content as bullets, that is very good for the search engines and readers appreciate the ease of reading.

Add visuals when possible. If you can find the perfect photo (use your own products as much as possible with a link to purchase) that wll add to the overall relevance and interest with your readers.

Graphs and charts are also good graphics to add to your blog as well as videos from YouTube. Be careful though that any videos you use do not promote your competition. That would totally defeat the purpose. When you can start making your own videos – like interviewing clients as to how they are going to use your product, you will see a significant increase in blog traffic, etc. The videos could be a minute long and tell enough of a story that a customer wants to buy the same product! And with cell phones and advanced video technology they have, you can shoot the video right from your phone and upload directly to your YouTube Channel. If you don’t have one yet, go grab it and call it the same as either your company or your blog name.

You should know I am an affililiate of these two programs and if you make a purchase I make a small commission :). You pay the same price if you used a direct link or mine so I appreciate when my friends use my link.

Heidi Richards Mooney is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women, a WordPress Web Designer, the author of a dozen books and a social media consultant and trainer. Heidi has interviewed hundreds of experts on Social Media Around the World. In 2003 Heidi was named one of 50 women shaping the Internet by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 she was named a Twitter Woman to Follow by Only2Clicks.com. She works with solopreneurs, professionals and small businesses in ecommerce, direct sales and retail. Follow Heidi on Google Plus

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