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Should You Buy or Build a List for Email Marketing?

Should You Buy or Build a List for Email Marketing?

By on Oct 2, 2016 in Blog, Email Marketing, Website Content and Optimization

When it comes to email marketing, you might think it’s easier and faster to buy a list, rather than take the time to build a list, so why not just go for it. Before you are jump in and take the easy way, there are some things you should understand that could change your mind.

When you use a purchased list you risk:

#1 Irrelevant Contacts
If a prospect hasn’t ever been to your site, has never shown an interest in your products or services has never shown an interest in the resources you offer, they quite simply you are stepping into their space and interrupting them. Typically, how you end up with their email address is because they have opted in at another website, and the list builder sold that list – in addition, you should know that many people have no idea this is being done (without their permission).

When you receive their email address, you have no idea if they are interested in anything you have to offer.

#2 Having Your Email Flagged as Spam
This can be seriously damaging for your business. If the recipients don’t recognize your company name then they will likely move your email to their spam folder. This sends a message to your email provider to filter out your email address and could also add you to a blacklist. Once you are on a blacklist, it can be extremely difficult to be removed.

#3 Your Message Gets Lost in the Clutter
Consider this: you purchased a list that in all likelihood has been purchased by a multitude of other internet marketers.  This means the people on that list are already being bombarded with emails. You too, may have experienced it – you sign up for one thing online and suddenly within the next few days, your email box is filled with emails from people you’ve never heard of.

Chances are the email messages that you send out from a list you bought are going to get lost among all the other emails. The investment you sunk into a list like this is gone, rendering the list all but worthless. The only one who benefits is the person who sold you the list.

How to Build a Solid Email List
The way to build a powerful email list is by practicing email list building practices that are acceptable to your target audience and the powers that be such as the people who manage monitor companies for non-compliance with the Can-Spam act. You can use several list building strategies including opt -in forms on your own website, joint-venturing with other internet marketers and more.

These leads are more targeted and much more likely to ultimately convert to whatever offers you promote.  It might take longer to build but it’s definitely worth the wait!

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