Digital Event Strategist

Digital Event Strategist

By on Jun 25, 2023 in Blog, Digital Content, eCourses

The Virtual Edge Institute Digital Event Strategist Certification was a prestigious certificate program that experts applied for and participated in to gain knowledge, new skills and expand their professional development.

One of the questions on the application was

Explain in your own words how you see digital events evolving in support of organizational education and communication. And how earning the DES certification will aid in your contributions and impact to this exciting industry 

My Reply:

Digital events can and do help organizations create optimum technological learning environments. In today’s hyper-web world, with access to so much information online,  it is up to the leaders of organizations to stay abreast of the latest resources and tools available and to pass that information on to their members/stakeholders. Because it has been my experience that most people do not really know where to begin. They need leaders to point the way, to show them what’s available so they don’t have to sift thru all the clutter to find it for themselves. Leaders and those who design educational and communication for and within organizations will need to make smart choices regarding the vast expanding power and access to digital formats that constituents prefer and will learn from. This knowledge can have an economic, civic, and global impact on everyone who participates in these modes of learning.
I see organizations using more mobile, video and social tools to shape the way we learn and teach. I also see these technologies coming together as opposed to stand-alone tools to create new education models for the future. Educators within organizations and communities must learn how to modify their existing modes of learning and adapt to a stronger, more efficient technology-enhanced educational environment. This will impact organizations, communities and future leaders and prepare them for the future.
I also see more collaboration both within organizations and within communities and even with so-called competitors which will open more doors to opportunity and increase communication within and outside their own environment.  Digital events provide access to education to more people than ever before, making it imperative for leaders and educators to work more closely together to build better digital learning experiences and events.
Professional designations such as the DES certification give more credibility to individuals who share these  “new technologies” thus making it easier for people to adopt them and advance their own interests. My goal is to be on the cusp of those new opportunities and share them with my constituents and audience. 
IMHO it is important to participate in professional certifications as stated above. If you have been thinking about expanding your professional development you will learn new skills and expand your professional network. Many of the programs I have participated in have given me opportunities beyond the above as they have helped me grow my network and build long-term relationships with some of the brightest minds in marketing.
Note: the VEI is no longer accessible online but there are many other organizations offering similar courses and certifications, just google the type of certificate you would be interested in achieving and go for it!

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