5 Internet Marketing Sites to Manage Your Online Presence

By on May 8, 2012 in Blog, Online Marketing

Last night on the Freddy Fixit Show Freddy and Linda asked me to share my top five internet marketing sites to manage your online presence. Here they are:

 1. Roboform – store passwords of ALL accounts you have online, including banking, social media and merchants. Up to 10 sites with the free version. www.roboform.com – The RoboForm Everywhere license allows you to use Roboform software on all your Windows computers, Macs, and other mobile devices. Includes automatic synchronization of all your RoboForm data. Sale right now at only $9.95 for the first year…

2. Archive.org you can view old copies of the web. Ever wonder what Google looked like in the early days? I am so happy to have this resource because when I started this site, I deleted the old site RedheadMarketingBlog.com. The problem was I forgot to save the more than 300 articles from the site. Having this resource has saved me hours of writing new copy. I am able to use much of the content from the other site and repurpose/update it to be relevant today.

3. Character Count: Often times you need to be able to use just the right amount of characters in your titles and descriptions online. You need to stick to the character counts allowed. And not every program has this feature built in. You can write your titles and descriptions (and anything else you want) directly into the tool so I know as I go how many characters you have to work with. I also use this for creating a list of “tweets” for a launch or promotion I am doing online. Check it out at http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/charcount.shtml

4. Page Speed Test: Test the speed of your page and get suggestions on how to improve it. You can also compare the results of your site with another site. Go here to give it a try: http://gtmetrix.com/

5. Copyscape: The free version lets you check a page on your site to see how often it’s been copied (and if your site ranks well it is very likely someone has “stolen your content”. Copyscape is also good for testing upcoming copy for potential issues.

If you do find violators using your content: There is this legal thing called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? In 2000 a copyright law was passed to protect those of us who post our writings, pictures, etc. on the internet. Should you find that someone has plagiarized your property, fill out a DMCA Take Down Notice form.You can find the form here: http://www.dreamweaverresources.com/forms/copyright/index.htm.

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Heidi Richards Mooney is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women, a WordPress Web Designer, the author of a dozen books and a social media consultant and trainer. Heidi has interviewed hundreds of experts on Social Media Around the World. In 2003 Heidi was named one of 50 women shaping the Internet by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 she was named a Twitter Woman to Follow by Only2Clicks.com. She works with solopreneurs, professionals and small businesses in ecommerce, direct sales and retail. Follow Heidi on Google Plus

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