Ask Me Anything Part Three

Ask Me Anything Part Three

By on Oct 10, 2015 in Blog, Social Media

"Ask Me Anything Redhead Marketing"#1. I cannot figure out how to get info out from my facebook business page, not just my personal one. Looking to do more email marketing.

That’s two questions>>> However I will answer the first one now and the latter, later. Here are a couple of ideas to help you promote your fanpage:
1. use Facebook Search to find people (which is the top search bar) enables you to see conversations of your friends and status updates. If they are talking about services that you provide, you can join the conversations. On FB you can also post to walls and pages using your Fanpage profile instead of your regular profile. You go to the Account tab by your name and choose “Use Facebook as Page” option.

2. Use the Facebook Like Box Widget – The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to:

See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too

Read recent posts from the Page

Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page

3. Use your Fanpage link on everything! Your URL, your blog (via widgets), your other social media sites. Are you LinkedIn? Search for groups that talk about Facebook. You can promote your page there.

#2. Any suggestions on how to use Twitter effectively?

 Read My Blog Post – How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business for my reply.

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