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Convert Traffic to Your Email List

Convert Traffic to Your Email List

By on Jul 17, 2020 in Blog, content, Website Content and Optimization


This is probably one of the most important aspects you need to include to get more prospects so that you can make more sales with blogging. You must build your email list. You can use content upgrades, lead magnets, low priced digital products, and even “shipping only” physical products like books, to help build your email list.

  • You Own Your List — Your email list is an asset. You own it. You can even sell it. What’s more is that the more targeted you build it the more effective you’ll be at making more sales. It cannot be stated enough that your list is of utmost importance. You do not own your LinkedIn Group members, your Facebook Page likes, or even your Facebook Group members in the same way that you own the information gathered for your email list.
  • Use the Right Software — Due to that fact try to use the right software for list building and running your list. Software like Aweber.com, Convertkit.com, Mailerlite.com, Leadpages.com, com, and others can help you create amazing autoresponders, landing pages, sign up forms and more. Don’t choose the least expensive, choose the one that enables your business to grow because changing software later isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and can set your business goals back months. Instead, choose the right software.

To find the right software know your goals, the features you want, your price point, other resources like a technical assistant. Then try out different software using their free trials and online demos. You can also find out what your competition uses by signing up for their email lists.

Caution: Not all autoresponders allow affiliate marketing, such as Mailchimp.com, so make sure that you pay attention to all the terms of service on for every software you choose to help you. Also, most of the time you will need landing page software plus an autoresponder to really make everything work together to ensure compatibility between your choices.

Develop Effective Email Marketing Content

Once you get people on your list, you must send them information via email. To do that you’ll need to develop effective email marketing content. There are many ways to create email marketing content such as by purchasing private label rights content, creating original content, curating content, sending blog post blasts, and more.

  • Create Personalized Relevant Content — But, however you create it, the content you send to your email list should be personalized, targeted, and always include a call to action to help readers convert. Since email isn’t publicly posted you can be a lot more personal, show your personality more, share more about you, and then relate it to the rest of your email.
  • Build Trust & Awareness — The point of email marketing is to build trust and awareness of issues that you can solve with your products and services. Your email marketing will be more effective if you follow good practices such as using a real return address, clear and honest subject lines, with short and to the point messages designed to help your audience get to know you. Remember if you have more to tell them you can always link to more content on your website.
  • Develop a Funnel — A great way to accomplish this is to create a content marketing funnel based on the products you want to promote and match it with your audience’s buying cycle. Set up logical autoresponder messages that thank your audience, teach your audience, and bring them back to your landing pages so that they can make the purchases that they need to make to solve their problems. Plus, get it written down and scheduled into a calendar.

Effective email content goes in conjunction with your blog. If you write a short email to introduce each new blog post to your email list that’s really all you need to do to get more traffic to your blog from those who already like you.

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