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Save Time with These Quick Content Publishing Tips

Save Time with These Quick Content Publishing Tips

By on Jun 3, 2014 in Blog, Social Media

As one of the most important elements of online marketing success, content can consume vast amounts of time and energy. It’s not unusual for a business owner to spend several hours a day brainstorming, writing, and publishing their content.

While you can’t really eliminate your need for content, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on it. By embracing tips, tactics, and systems that support you and your business, it’s safe to say that you can cut your content time in half and still create the same great content you’ve been creating.

Your time is precious. By becoming more efficient and productive, you’re able to reallocate that time you saved on content to other profitable tasks. For example, if you’re a coach and you free up 5 hours a week, you can spend those five hours coaching clients and making money.

Of course, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy a shorter work week, you can use those five hours spending time with friends, family and enjoying personal pursuits. So, let’s get to it. The Speedy Content Publishing Tips are divided into the following sections:

·         Brainstorming – learn to brainstorm faster and more efficiently.

·         Writing – Yes, you can write more quickly and still create exceptional content.

·         Researching – Too many people waste precious time researching. Learn how to find what you need quickly and painlessly.

·         Organizing – Proven tips to organize your content for productivity and efficiency.

·         Publishing – You can even save time when you publish your content.

Let’s dive right in and start with what can be the most difficult part of the content process, brainstorming.

Time Saving Tips, Ideas, and Tactics to Brainstorm Your Content

Do you have a regular content brainstorming session or do you simply let the ideas come to you? There’s no “right” way to brainstorm content. However, there are steps that you can take to make the process more efficient and also more effective.

Be Prepared

Many busy entrepreneurs find that the best content ideas come to them when they’re not working. Maybe you’re at a family picnic or sitting in traffic. You’re thinking about your business and a brilliant idea comes to you.

If you’re not prepared to document the idea, chances are you’ll forget it by the time you get home. And let’s face it, it’s easy to believe you’ll remember the idea – after all, it’s a great one. However, most often the idea fades away.

One of the fastest ways to brainstorm content is to keep a running list of ideas. The ideas may not be complete thoughts, but the concept can help you brainstorm content when it’s time to sit down and get to work.

So how do you prepare to capture every content idea when it comes to you?

·         Notebook – yep, good old fashioned pen and paper still work

·         Phone – even a simple note-taking application can be useful

·         Voice mail- leave yourself a voice mail if you don’t have an opportunity to write down your idea

·         Email – send yourself an email. That way, it’s waiting for you when you get back to your home office.

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