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The Benefits of Creating Your Website/Blog in WordPress

The Benefits of Creating Your Website/Blog in WordPress

By on Oct 26, 2015 in Blog, Blogging, Wordpress

WordPress is one of the best free blogging software programs available to both technical and non-technical online entrepreneurs.

For the purposes of this article, Im writing about of the WordPress blogging software that you can install from within the c-panel of your web hosting company.

In what follows, you will learn many of the benefits to using WordPress for your website/blog:

•You do not need to know computer code – such as HTML and PHP to create your own site. This means that you can get your site up and running very quickly, even without this knowledge.

• WordPress is not only for bloggers – You can use WordPress to create very attractive websites with static pages that don’t even look like blog pages. You can even use WordPress to create a website with a separate blogging section on it. Furthermore, you can use it to create e-commerce sites.

• Numerous free WordPress plugins are available –  These plugins allow you to do so manyother things to your WordPress site. For example, there are plugins that allow you to add photo galleries to your site (NextGen), ones that increase your

exposure in the search engines (All-In-One SEO), others that allow you to control the appearance of your site (Exclude Pages), and so many others.

• Excellent paid WordPress plugins are also available – You can find some good paid plugins such as the WP-Estore, which allows you to create an E-store and sell products on your website. Again, there is no fancy code needed to set this up on your site. Pretty Link Pro is another paid plugin that allows you to redirect and cloak your links to decrease theft of your affiliate links.

• The WordPress platform is used globally – Because WordPress is so well recognized throughout the globe, it is easy to find programmers online who are familiar with it, and can make any desired modifications to your website.

• It can save you a lot of money – If you have some time and the desire to learn how WordPress works, you can save a lot in hiring a website designer. In addition, once you learn WordPress, you don’t have to hire someone every time you need to update your website or blog.

• A number of WordPress themes are available – Many themes have been created; some are free while others are not. The various themes allow you to set up the appearance and layout of your site. There are also inexpensive software programs that you can purchase to create your own WordPress themes from scratch, without needing to know HTML.

• WordPress is SEO-friendly – WordPress contains many built-in search-engine optimization tools. For example, you can use keywords in the permalinks/URL’s of your posts and pages. You can also categorize topics, and use tags in order that search engines can better index your site.

WordPress offers many advantages when building a website and/or blog. For this reason, technical and non-technical people throughout the world use it.

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