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7 Tips for Increasing Newsletter Subscriptions

7 Tips for Increasing Newsletter Subscriptions

By on Feb 17, 2017 in Blog, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing

Every experienced marketer knows that “the money is in the list.” Increase your email list and you increase your earnings – Often quite dramatically.

That said, here are 8 tips for increasing your newsletter subscriptions.

Tip #1 – Put Your Old Newsletters on Your Site as a “Teaser”

If your old newsletters have great content, then put them up on your site as a teaser. People will know exactly what they can expect when they opt into your newsletter.

As an added bonus, your newsletters will also add more content to your site to attract search engines.

Tip #2 – Experiment with Exit Popups

If someone is about to leave your website without subscribing, why not try to entice them with a special offer?

Marketers who’ve tried exit popups often find that they can “salvage” as much as 10% of the traffic that would have left without subscribing.

Tip #3 – Disable Double Opt In

You lose a lot of subscribers through having double opt in. Sometimes as much as 80%.

Although the theory behind double opt in – That you want to make sure people want your newsletter before sending them anything else – The reality is that people often just forget to click the link in the email, or just can’t be bothered.  Keep in mind that some email marketing service providers require it, so read the terms before doing anything.

Disable double opt in and you’ll find your subscriber rate go up immediately. If you do disable this feature, do a test email before starting a mass email campaign.  You may find many of the emails bounce or are no good, hence the double optin.

Tip #4 – Give Away Something They Want

Give away something that the user wants in exchange for a subscription. The last part is key: Something they *want*.

Marketers often give away free eBooks with poor quality content and wonder why they’re not getting higher subscription rates. The way to higher subscription rates isn’t to just give away something for free, but to actually give away something that the user genuinely wants.

The best way to figure out what that is is to ask yourself: What’s the main problem or solution this user has right now and what can I give away that would help them solve that problem?

Tip #5 – Put Your Opt In Box Upfront & Everywhere

Your opt in box should be on your front page. Hands down. It should be above the fold and it should be prominent, along with your offer.

That said, the subscription box should also be on just about every other page of your website, aside from sales pages and checkout pages.

Tip #6 – Network in Person

Trying to get other bloggers to joint venture with you or share lists online rarely works. Prominent bloggers get requests like this all the time.

Instead, network with other people and meet them in person rather than online. People who like you and know you are much more likely to do business with you.

Tip #7 – Customize Your Opt-Out Page

Instead of having people just opt out, try asking people if they want to keep getting your newsletter – Just at a lower frequency. You can often cut your opt-out rates by 20% or more by giving people the option of a lower frequency email list.

These are 7 tips for increasing your newsletter subscription rate, many of which you can apply immediately. Figure out which one(s) works best for your website and put it into action today.

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