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Video: Leveraging Blogging to Grow Your Business

Video: Leveraging Blogging to Grow Your Business

By on May 16, 2011 in Blog, Workshops

Recently I had the privilege of presenting to the South Florida Business Connections Luncheon group. My Topic? Leveraging Blogging to Grow Your Business (I am a frequent presenter for this group).

Here is the video of that presentation as well as pictures of a few of the attendees.

When it comes to blogging are you in the game? Are you doing all you can to leverage the special features and benefits of blogging to promote your business?

In this video Heidi Richards Mooney talks about Blogging for Business, what it is, why you should be doing it and gives specific tips and strategies you can use to get more visibility online. She shared some startling statistics about blogging including:

South Florida Business Connections

Rose Gershon, Alan Feureman, Richard Lumyou and Friends

More than 133,000,000 blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002. * 68% have been blogging for two years or more * A recent study by Universal McCann uncovered that 58% of bloggers say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog. And much more!

Watch this video to learn the basics of blogging, why companies might/should blog, some blog tips to make the most out of your time online and more! You will learn about blogging for business, why blogging is one of the best social media platforms to promote your business and spread the word, the best blog platforms to use (hint: wordpress blog) and what being a blogger is really all about.

"Robin Korth Buster Howard and Linda Belles"

Robin Korth, Buster Howard and Linda Belles

Note: If you have a local group (South Florida) and you would like to request a presentation, feel free to contact me via email (heidi at successandthensome dot com) or call me at 954-625-6606. If I am available I would be delighted to share blogging with your group!

Heidi Richards Mooney is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women, a WordPress Web Designer, the author of a dozen books and a social media consultant and trainer. Heidi has interviewed hundreds of experts on Social Media Around the World. In 2003 Heidi was named one of 50 women shaping the Internet by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 she was named a Twitter Woman to Follow by Only2Clicks.com. She works with solopreneurs, professionals and small businesses in ecommerce, direct sales and retail. Follow Heidi on Google Plus

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